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Measuring Systems ELGAMA Ltd. is a supplier of meters and systems for electricity measurement ...

Energy meters for residential applications

Single-phase meters for active energy
type Gama 100: G1B, G1M

Electronic, new generation meter GAMA 100 is designed for measuring active energy in single-phase networks. Meter may be simple, single-phase or sophisticated, multi-tariff with extended functionality. Meter can be provided with various optional features - including maximum demand measurement, possibility to connect meter to AMR system, extended anti-tamper capability, relay output.


Three-phase energy meters
type Gama 300: G3M, G3B

Electronic, multi-tariff, new generation three-phase meter designed with internal remote reading modules. GAMA 300 also provides maximum demand registration, external meter reading and load profiling upon request and may have internal bi-stable relay for remote user disconnection.

Energy meters for industrial applications

Three-phase meters for active and reactive energy
Type Gama 300: G3A, G3B

Electronic, multifunctional, three-phase meter measures either active and reactive energy. Using time-of-use (TOU) register, meter collects electrical energy data for up to four tariff periods per day, also providing maximum demand registration and load profiling upon request.


Three-phase four-quadrant energy meters
Quadro Plus type EPQS

Electronic, multifunctional, three-phase four-quadrant meter with power quality monitoring capabilities and can easily be integrated into various Automated Meter Reading systems through up to two electrical interfaces. Having load profiles, comprehensive structure of tariff module, meter can register metering data for up to 8 rates per day independently for energy and maximum demands.


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